In the days of my childhood, the convention remained for schoolchildren to take different classes that were catered exclusively to boys or girls. In the hours in which the girls studied needlework, we learned how fabric was spun, woven, and dyed, and which needles were necessary for sewing and which for embroidering. However, we grew up in a world that had become very different. Today, no one takes the time to create the objects in their house and that surround them any longer. I, too, would completely forget that I had once learned the lost art of embroidery, and that the creations that I had crafted made up a large part of the home in which I once lived - certainly its softest, gentlest part.


All this changed when I returned to Vietnam after 20 years in Europe, and had the opportunity to meet with a number of exceptionally talented embroiderers. They were trained to embroider the delicate cloths ordered for use in creating the most expensive of Kimonos, as well as bags and wallets, among others.

When possible, we choose fabrics from natural fibres like wild cotton and hemp woven by groups of ethnic people from the northern and central regions of Vietnam. Tussah products are woven according to the traditional weaving techniques of the Ha Dong, a village reknowned for its weaving silk traditions. Where the fabrics are woven by machine, we only use fabrics from natural fibres like cotton, linen, and hemp.

There is no way to explain in words the ineffable softness that natural fibre products that had been sewn, embroidered, and hand painted with all the meticulous ingenuity and complete dedication of their makers, bring to the place in which you live. Besides their most palpable softness felt upon the touch, sound-absorbing textiles allow for spoken sounds and music to be heard much more softly and with fullness of warmth.


All of our textile products, as with everything we make, are handcrafted with utmost care and dedication by our talented artisans at our Cam Giang textile workshop. Behind every meticulous line of embroidery are endless years of refinement and love for one of Vietnam's most prized and beautiful traditions.


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