Cam-Ha Pottery

All of the most beautiful glazes are indeed antique glazes. The glaze formulas for such are always difficult, and people of the olden days have ploughed through exhaustive trials and a very great number of defective products to perfect them. The ceramic industry remains one of the most beautiful crafts of Vietnam, and the ceramic works from the Ly Dynasty in Vietnam are some of the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on. They are beautiful when they stand on their own - each piece is whole, complete. When I look at them, it seems to be as if this ever-moving world of ours had suddenly come to a standstill, and I too often get lost in thought, wondering how they could be so much more beautiful than the items we use today. Ultimately, I surmise that it is because of the needs and demands of consumers that have changed. In antiquity, each single piece of ceramic was a precious item, used with respect, and would always be placed with great care in an honourable place in the house. Life today is fast-paced and diverse, and man simply does not have enough quietude in his life to have such affections or to appreciate any real kind of a relationship with the things that surround him. And yet I find that people have begun to give themselves and their environments and homes more and more time in recent years. I sincerely have great hope in the end-of-year collection of mine. I hope that these items will keep timelessly in the house and bring a kind of beauty that is both precious and friendly.

Doan Thanh Nghia, chief designer, glaze developer