Kind words

The following are the words kindly offered us by our customers over the years.

"What a beautiful little store of treasures. All handmade with a gorgeous philosophy."

— Haley M

"Beautifully crafted ceramic wares... I am deeply impressed by the beauty of each ceramic product at Authentique the first time I visited their store upon my trip to Saigon. I would definitely order more products for my home. When you know the stories behind these products, you will want to possess the whole collection."

—  Phuong N from Melbourne, Australia

"After several visits to Vietnam, each time based in Ho Chi Minh City, we have come to greatly respect and admire the culture and people of this wonderful country. The quality and appeal of the ceramics that are available in the two Authentique shops we've visited in Saigon, reflect a very high standard in design and style, and we are always keen to buy some pieces, both for ourselves, and as presents. The items that we have bought are not only excellent value for money, a lovely and practical reminder of our visit, but also provide support for a local small business that strives for excellence, in its products and customer service. The staff have always been both friendly and professional, carefully wrapping any item bought, and ensuring an accurate and pleasant transaction. We would recommend any of our friends who visit Ho Chi Minh City to drop in and enjoy a look around the shop if they are wanting attractive pieces of Vietnamese ceramics and craft items of quality and authenticity."

—  Carolyn C

"I wish I could take everything home... We randomly walked into this shop one afternoon and we almost didn't want to walk out of the shop. All the products displayed are so delicate and so pretty. Most importantly they are all so special which is honestly a breath of fresh air."

—  Ki-Yan T from Hong Kong

"While in Ho Chi Minh City I had a hard time finding locally made crafts. I accidentally stumbled into Authentique Home and fell in love with all of their beautiful products. The best ceramics I saw in all of my two weeks in Vietnam! They also did such a good job of packaging everything and all of my ceramics made it home in one piece. I would highly recommend going here if you like crafts and art."

— Megan from from Brooklyn, New York

"This is a beautiful store! I just loved everything, and wish I could have brought more home. I purchased a set of small bowls and plates, 2 espresso cups and some little gift jar type things for jewelry. If I didn't have to worry about lugging it home, I would have bought a lot more. I found out they ship, so I may purchase more for my birthday. They pack everything really well and were very patient with me as I picked out my items. I was in there for quite some time as I knew I could only get a few things and I couldn't decide because it was ALL so pretty! Prices aren't super cheap, about the same as you'd pay for similar dishes in the states. But, the craftsmanship and quality are clearly good vs some of the stuff you find at the smaller markets. Very happy with my purchases!"

— Jane H from Denver, Colorado

"It's rare for me to give an excellent [rating] but this shop certainly deserves it - from the goods they sell to the customer service! If I had the money, I would have spent a small fortune but a couple of beautiful bowls had to suffice... The packaging was fantastic and ensured it would reach home without any damage and the staff were all genuinely friendly without being at all pushy. There are a few floors to browse - at least 3 (or more). Would definitely come back again if I was in the area."

— PinkDiamondKT from Perth, Australia

"Extremely beautiful ceramics and textiles. The kind of art items that I would want to buy as special gifts for my family and friends."

— Vu L from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam