Planning to buy a piece of furniture for your home is an act of joy and dignity, and should be considered with great care. While a car can be kept for five years or ten, an Authentique wood piece will last for generations. Every piece is timeless in design and quality. With tender care, the longer the piece lives in your home, the more beautiful it becomes.

The gallery below gives you an overview of our furniture lines. If you wish to see our larger collections, kindly send us a message or email us for either or both of our beautiful e-catalogues "Precious and Timeless" and "En Vogue".



A collection by Doan Thanh Nghia, our lead sculptor and designer. Wood is his favourite medium. 


Ming Elegance

Only the most beautiful designs of from our Eastern heritage.



Art Nouveau

Following the late 19th century art movement, our designs are inspired by the curved lines of flowers and plants.



Simple and true.