A ceramic bowl if left unbroken will always remain timeless.

We are a Vietnamese kiln established in 1995, with a mission to revive, sustain and evolve a many-century old independent tradition of ceramic making. Historically, Vietnamese craftsmen created some of the most graceful ceramic pieces that are highly valued not only in our noble houses but also in Japanese tea ceremonies.

We are still employing their technique and materials to this day. At our kiln only the finest clay is worked by the most gifted hands. We are most faithful to the traditional craft, and yet also leave room for contemporary forms and other inspirations.

All our ceramics patterns are hand-painted. 


Bat Trang Blue

The colour between ocean blue and indigo. 


Black Bronze

This glaze of ours is unique. Metallic and velvety at the same time. 


Celadon, Jade & Green Tea

Celadon is green and soft to the touch. Jade is shiny, smooth and translucent. Green tea has the color of oolong tea leaves after brewing.


Cotton White

Smooth or with crackles. 


Tam Thai - Tricolour

In the old days, when natural coloring ingredients were scarce and precious, decorating a ceramic piece with three colors was a luxury reserved for princes. We keep the legacy to this day.