lotus & white stone beauty


Graced by our new, delicate lotus paintings, handpainted with utmost care by our dedicated artisans, our new lotus ceramics collection imbues the home with a truly timeless, Vietnamese beauty—standing as perfect additions to our White Stone collection.

It is rather quite impossible not to love a white glaze ceramic vase with brown floral patterns from the Ly Dynasty period. From the 11th to 16th centuries, as in the Ly and Tran dynasties, the Vietnamese ceramic craft has created a unique and truly beautiful aesthetic foundation.The bottom of a ceramic piece from the Ly Dynasty often left a space unglazed, to be left as is or painted with brown ink, and so in holding it, our hands are still able to touch the very earth from whence it came. While Chinese aesthetics found sophistication in the polishing and refinement of their art, the ceramics of the Vietnamese people, while elegant, nevertheless always retained their natural and everyday friendliness, much akin to the spirit of Buddhist meditation.

We loved the white glazes of the Ly Dynasty, and from its inspiration and foundation, have always wished to develop it into a perfect, yet natural White Stone glaze.

The Cam Ha workshop at the time had already become one of the most masterful and capable ceramics worshops of the country, and it is thus that we dared to begin uncovering our own path toward this very ambitious dream.

At the time, we would never have believed that this journey would extend as far as 15 years, one riddled with experimentation, failures, near-successes, thoughts of not being able to go any further, quitting, and starting again... (In truth, for our ancestors in the trade, to complete a ceramic formula meant the sacrifice of many generations, with time being measured in centuries, so 15 years is actually not very long.)


Today, after 15 years of research since our dream began,—and we can still not quite believe it—we are now, for the first time, holding our dream ceramic piece with a perfected white stone glaze in our hands. It is perfect, yet not industrial, retaining the intimate and friendly beauty of an item that is, piece by piece, passionately handcrafted by the most diligent and persevering human hands. 

Our new ceramics, with their slightly off-white colour, are as smooth as if they were meticulously moulded and sharpened from the velvety white pebbles of nature. With a simple and humble beauty, a white stone glaze ceramic piece has nothing extravagant to flaunt to its observer; and yet, you can not imagine a material more precious and beautiful for you to hold in your hands and on which to place the tastiest and most aesthetically pleasing foods for it to hold in its grace and timeless beauty.

For you to truly see and feel the beauty of the White Stone glaze, for its very first production, we are introducing a line of products without our usual paintings on them, with elegant forms meticulously designed and selected; in truly classical fashion, meaning it simply cannot be made any better than this in terms of function and aesthetics; and finally, imbued with a creative essence true to the meditative spirit of the Ly dynasty that we so adore.


Returning to a quiet and meaningful celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival


Like many of Vietnam's numerous beautiful festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival is rich with history, culture, and meaning. In the past decades, however, these familiar traditions have given way for the encroachment of modernity and the commercialisation of its customs. Where it was once celebrated only on the 15th day of the 8th lunary month, the festival has now become a month-long gift-giving frenzy, overshadowing its old principles of higher values and education, togetherness, and quiet celebration of the family.

Originating in China, the Mid-Autumn festival found its humble beginnings in the celebration of the full moon night that marks the end of the autumn harvest. It is said that this occasion commemorates the uniting of relatives, parents and children after a long and busy period of harvest, when they can spend meaningful time together as they celebrate the harvest and the full moon, the roundness and brightness of which symbolise the fullness of unity and the prosperity of life. Families gather and make offerings such as wine, fruits, and mooncakes to the heavens to express gratitude for the harvest. As such, the festival is traditionally very important to families, friends, as well as lovers, who take the occasion to reunite under the clear and beautiful full moon. In worship of its beauty, it is traditionally customary to write poems, handmake lanterns, and share moon cakes.

Today, centuries after the festival's conception, we at Authentique would like to encourage you to go back to those simple yet profound moments of singing children, handmade paper lanterns, and sitting around a table with your family and friends, meaningfully sharing in the gratitude for the abundance of life and love over freshly brewed Vietnamese tea and luscious moon cakes.


In the spirit of unity and deep appreciation, we are delighted to offer you our delicious orange-ginger mooncakes* and our handpicked, exclusive seasonal specialty tea: a rich and earthy Jasmine blend from Thuong Tra. Combined with one of our beautiful Authentique tea sets, the tea and cakes will complement any home with an elegant simplicity and tranquility that reflects the dignified traditions and values that made the Mid-Autumn the beautiful and culturally meaningful festival that it truly is.

(*on every order at our boutiques over 1,000,000 VND)