A Gentler Philosophy

Delicately blending influences from Nordic New Design and the effortless grace of Zen from the East, Authentique’s East Sky - West Wind aesthetic seeks to breathe new life into the time-honoured beauty of traditional Vietnamese crafts. The arts of pottery, carpentry, and textile making are among the nation’s most beautiful long standing traditions, that, through centuries of growth and hardship, have survived the country’s tumultuous past in the modest pockets of the country in which the values of art and authentic craft making are still respected today. In upholding the dignity, passion, and hard work that have shaped these beautiful craft traditions over the years, we strive to reflect these same values in the heart of modern-day Saigon, an industrialised city now far-removed from nature and its own venerable past.

Why wood, ceramics and textiles? Because those are the oldest, most basic materials we humans use to make the things we live with: a chair, a bowl, a pillow. They make up our home. There we live the most agreeable and private hours of a day. Where living and being are one, it needs to be true and express faithfully the person that you are. In our modern world, we are over-stimulated with too many choices of things to buy. Yet most of the items offered to us are industrially and unlovingly made. Many of us have turned to simple and nature-inspired living as a way to reject living among too many sheer soulless objects, to escape the alienation of the materialistic and industrial age.

In aspiring to bring nature and its untouched beauty back into our daily lives, and to honour the true value of artisanal craft making in the modern era, Authentique’s aesthetic philosophy is centred around reflecting the true beauty behind these timeless inspirations as rooted in their organic, uniquely imperfect, and transient nature. With our own hands, we make the things you need in everyday life, and to them we add a touch of timeless beauty. In the same way a Japanese Zen garden attests its beauty in the subtle pebble movements and clay wall stains as weathered by the passing of time, Authentique’s ceramics find their grace in each piece’s naturally distinctive essence as weathered by the subtle finesse of the hand movements of our artisans, the organic variations in our natural production processes, and the non-uniform quality of our natural materials. Departing from Confucian ideals of symmetry and manufactured flawlessness, our aesthetic principles, such as that of colour and composition, find inspiration in asymmetry, intimacy, and humbleness: a stroke of paint, a flow of the wind, a sprouting of a seed. When an item has a natural and unique history, it becomes more sincere, more true to life, and infinitely more beautiful.

In a time where fine art is rather reserved for political and philosophical statements, the craft, more than ever, must become the bringer of pure and quiet beauty into your life. This is because objects made of wood, clay, and textiles, by hand, are the most necessary, beautiful, intimate, and comfortable things in our life. Every single piece is thus handmade with utmost care and dedication by our artisans, taking its time to come into being like no other as a unique manifestation of centuries of antique Vietnamese tradition and contemporary refinement. In this, we hope to create an organic and beautiful space in which the beauty of these crafts may radiate and blossom into a source of great pride and beauty for Vietnam. Through cultivating their undying love for nature and its immeasurable beauty, the skilled and passionate makers of the piece you are holding in your hand took their time and love to give it their best. With heartfelt pride and joy in our work, we sincerely hope that you may welcome into your home these beautifully handcrafted pieces for yourself and your loved ones to fall in love with as we have.