Vietnamese Patterns Recomposed

This Lunar New Year season, Authentique Ceramics would humbly like to bring you a little taste of the Ly-Tran dynasties' traditional lotus and chrysanthemum spring patterns in an apparition that is both brand new and yet truly Vietnamese - a Vietnam of the 21st century, in the year of 2015 in Saigon.

If in antiquity it was often preferred to paint in overflowing lavish patterns to express the talent and diligence of the artisans, then Authentique would like to introduce a new way of seeing these intricately Vietnamese motifs, with a simplified manner of painting and a sophisticated discernment for the art that is unique to the caring hands of the masters of the craft at the Cam Ha ceramics workshop.

Where strings lightly join, and branches softly meet, are found the delicate spaces in between where petals breathe and can be seen.

You will see the brush strokes hidden deep beneath every lotus petal sprout along the rhythm of each leaf, reminiscent of a prosperous and peaceful time amongst the villages, and know that the artisan ceramics tradition of Vietnam is still tenderly blossoming in the heart of the industrial age of the bustling and modern metropolis of Saigon.

The Ly-Tran lotus-string and Ly-Tran daisy-string patterns, botanic lotus and lotus-string patterns, after many years of turbulent historical vicissitudes, are painted on dining sets and tea sets to be used in the home. They suit perfectly as gifts of precious value for this traditionally unifying season, and for those who truly love the culture of this land that has been continually blossoming through its thousands of years of historical civilisation.