Since its foundation in 1995, Authentique has dedicated itself
to celebrate and uphold the fine crafts traditions of Vietnam.
We are home to three workshops:
Cam Kim carpentry, Cam Ha potteries and Cam Giang textiles;
and three pillars of production philosophy:
refined design, select materials and masterly craftsmanship.




At our kiln only the finest clay is worked by the most gifted hands. We are most faithful to the traditional craft, and yet also leave room for contemporary forms and other inspirations.

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Every piece is timeless in design and quality. We only use the most precious solid hardwood. The wood breathes, ages, and changes with time and usage, and the longer the furniture piece lives in your home, the more beautiful it becomes.

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Since the beginning, our textile work has been blessed under the teachings of a Japanese costume maker whose collection of kimono fragments continue to inspire our appliqués and silk embroidery designs today.

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Our Philosophy

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We passionately endeavour to unearth the true beauty of Vietnamese craft traditions to the world. Handcrafted with great love and care by our dedicated artisans, our furniture, ceramics, and textile products honour the nation’s most beautiful crafts as unique manifestations of centuries of antique Vietnamese tradition and contemporary refinement. With our own hands, we make the intimate things you need in every day life, and to them we add a touch of timeless beauty.

Our aesthetic philosophy is a delicate blend of influences from Nordic New Design and the effortless grace of Zen from the East, and aspires to bring the pure and quiet beauty of nature into our daily lives. We are endlessly inspired by nature and the organic, uniquely imperfect, and transient essence of its beauty. When an item has a natural and unique history, imbibed with a human touch, it becomes more sincere, more true to life, and infinitely more beautiful. With heartfelt pride and joy in our work, we sincerely hope that you may welcome into your home these beautifully handcrafted pieces for yourself and your loved ones to fall in love with as we have.


It is our hope that, for how much love we give it in a piece's making, it shall once

again receive in equal amount of love from those who use and collect it.